Welcome to the Water Transmission blog! This website is all about water infrastructure and how we move water from natural sources to your taps, sprinklers and farms. There are many long processes involved in getting water to you, so we’ll cover them in upcoming blog posts.

I hope you find the content as interesting as I do when writing it. There’s nothing else more important than water and understanding how it arrives at your premises is something everyone should have an understanding of.

There are many uses of water, drinking and washing are the main ones that come to mind. However, these are very small uses of water compared to industry and irrigation. By far, the largest user is farmers who use water to grow the food that we eat.

So we can’t have food without water. Our water transmission infrastructure places most of the water collected naturally into farmlands where it is needed in the largest quantities. Another large user is water for industry, such as mining operations, factories and construction. These large users only need minimally treated freshwater, such as just filtration of the water. There is no removal of organic matter or treatment to remove transmittable diseases.

For drinking water however, different cleanliness standards exist. Town water goes through extensive filtering and purification before it arrives at the taps in your house. There is greater scrutiny placed over water transmission infrastructure for town water because of health reasons.

Water is an essential natural resource and this blog will cover how we transmit water from its collection to its uses. Please regularly return to this blog to read updates.