Financial Update

Just plopped down another $1,200 $1,300 on my debt. Jesus. My whole flimsy paycheck, now exhausted. But there is still one payment remaining before the diabolical debt beast — this whole heaping $15,000+ monstrosity — will be vanquished indefinitely. Adios, you bastard.

So for now; one more month of subsisting on Cheerios, Ramen noodles and p&b sandwiches, with a festive splash of cheap Merlot before bath time. One more month of scraggly split ends and sweat pants, of creatively/desperately seeking innovative ways to somehow stretch those dimes into dollars. And what makes me most joyous — one more month of being overrun with credit card/car loan payment requests that have faithfully sprinkled my mail slot in perfect precision over the years. Sayonara.

Unfortunately, my bills haven’t much cared that I’d like to kick back on the hillside above the Mobil station with a Slurpee for just a god damned minute — those cursed creditors just creep on over to tap my shoulder and politely shake out every last bit of interest that can be mustered from my (threadbare) pockets. So I’d best be wise and plumpen any hard-earned income for their devouring.

Two years mired in debt. Will be over.

One. More. Month.

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